When To Take Your Car Into The Tire Shop

24 July 2023
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Knowing when to visit a tire shop is critical for maintaining your car's proper performance. This means you'll be driving a safer car with better gas mileage and additional benefits. This article will discuss some signs that indicate it's time to take your car to the tire shop. 

The Tread Is Worn

It's important for the tires to have adequate tread. This is what causes the car to handle right, grip the road right, and stop quickly. Worn tread can increase the likelihood of an accident or a blowout. There are tests you can do to see if the tread is still good, such as measuring the tread with a penny or with a tire tread gauge. Most tires have built-in indicators to let you know how the tread is holding up. These are lines made of smooth rubber that run across the tires. When the tread gets to a point where it's even with the lines, it's time for new tires. 

There Are Bulges

You should take a look at your tires every day before you get in the car. One of the things you want to check for is bulges in the sidewalls. If you see an area that's bulging, this is a sign of a weak spot in the tire. The pressure is able to expand that part of the tire due to the weakness. This means the tire is at a more significant risk of blowing out. You should get the car into the tire shop right away if you spot bulging in a tire. 

Persistent Pressure Loss

When your tires are inflated, they should maintain that pressure. If one of them isn't, then there could be an issue with a leaky valve, a nail in the tire, or another problem. If you have one tire that keeps needing to have more air put in it, then you should take the car to the tire shop. In some cases, they may be able to easily repair the issue and get you back on the road without hassle. 

Vibrating And/Or Pulling

If you notice the tires feel like they're vibrating, then this can indicate there's a possible problem with one of your tires. The issue could also be that the car is out of alignment. Another indication that the car is out of alignment is when it pulls more to one side while you're driving it. The tire shop can take care of the issue for you, so your car is safer and will have better fuel efficiency.

Reach out to a tire shop near you to learn more.