3 Times You Should Take Your Vehicle In For An Alignment Check

17 September 2021
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Many automotive service centers offer their customers the ability to have their alignment checked at no cost. The problem is, many people simply do not know when the right time is to take advantage of this free service. If you are not quite sure how to tell when it is time to have your wheel alignment checked out, continue reading. Here, you'll learn about three times when you should take your vehicle in to check the wheel alignment. Read More 

4 Steps To Check Lighting Issues On Salvage Vehicles

16 August 2021
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If you're retitling a salvage vehicle in California, one of the final steps you'll face is a lamp and brake inspection. Although you can try again if you fail this inspection, you may be subject to reinspection fees. Additionally, you'll have to pay for the service a second time if you wait more than 90 days from your initial inspection. The best way to avoid repair and reinspection costs is to ensure your vehicle's lighting functions properly the first time. Read More 

Everything You Should Know About Fluid Maintenance and Oil Changes for Your Car

13 July 2021
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There are several areas of auto maintenance that are frequently neglected by drivers. One of those important maintenance areas is fluid maintenance. Regularly maintaining your car fluid is an essential part of routine auto maintenance because your engine depends on several different fluids to run smoothly. The fluids in your car help to carry fuel, lubricate parts, cool the engine, and help with emission reduction. Things you want to know about fluid maintenance for your car include: Read More 

Signs That Your Transmission Needs Service Or Repair

7 June 2021
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The automatic transmission in your vehicle does not require a lot of maintenance, but there are some times when it may need to be checked out by an auto transmission repair shop. Most cars and trucks with automatic transmission will not require service until the vehicle reaches fifty thousand miles, but some situations can change that, and some warning signs should prompt you to take the car in and have the transmission checked. Read More