Why Is Professional Tire Repair Absolutely Necessary?

21 December 2021
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If you've ever browsed through an auto parts store, you've probably seen several options for quickly repairing a tire. These patch kits can come in various forms at different price points. Each kit can vary a bit in complexity, and some may be impossible to use without losing most of the air in your tires. Examples include plug kits and even rubber goo that you apply over a hole. However, these options have one thing in common: they aren't permanent repairs. Read More 

Should You Perform A 60,000-Mile Service On Your Car?

2 December 2021
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Manufacturer service recommendations can vary significantly between cars, but many follow relatively similar and straightforward schedules. For example, BMW and Mercedes use service schedules that alternate between major and minor services at set intervals. Other manufacturers and many shops follow a program that focuses on service at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000-mile intervals. It's often a good idea to follow your manufacturer's recommended service intervals while still under warranty, but what about once your warranty ends? Read More 

4 Ways Getting A Wheel Alignment Benefits Your Vehicle

19 October 2021
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When you get a wheel alignment, the wheels are adjusted from multiple angles to sit in the exact perfect position that the manufacturer of the vehicle designed the wheels to be positioned in. Getting your wheels in the right spot offers many benefits for your vehicle. 1. Enjoy a Smoother Ride First, when you get your vehicle's wheels aligned, you will enjoy a smoother ride. When the alignment is off, your vehicle is going to drift to one side or the other, even if your steering wheel is positioned so that it should be aimed to go straight ahead. Read More 

3 Times You Should Take Your Vehicle In For An Alignment Check

17 September 2021
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Many automotive service centers offer their customers the ability to have their alignment checked at no cost. The problem is, many people simply do not know when the right time is to take advantage of this free service. If you are not quite sure how to tell when it is time to have your wheel alignment checked out, continue reading. Here, you'll learn about three times when you should take your vehicle in to check the wheel alignment. Read More 

4 Steps To Check Lighting Issues On Salvage Vehicles

16 August 2021
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If you're retitling a salvage vehicle in California, one of the final steps you'll face is a lamp and brake inspection. Although you can try again if you fail this inspection, you may be subject to reinspection fees. Additionally, you'll have to pay for the service a second time if you wait more than 90 days from your initial inspection. The best way to avoid repair and reinspection costs is to ensure your vehicle's lighting functions properly the first time. Read More