Where To Take Your Import Car For Repair And Service

14 March 2023
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There are many European-made cars imported to the US every year from other countries, and sometimes these cars are manufactured differently than vehicles made in the United States. German car repair may involve parts that are hard to find in the US, but most imports have dealerships here that can get the replacement parts and make the repairs necessary. Some small independent shops specialize in European car repairs that can handle the job for you. 

Choosing A Repair Shop

If you drive a German-made import car, you may want to find a shop that specializes in German auto repair to take your vehicle to when you need some work done on it. The shops specializing in these imports often have specialty tools, equipment, and the knowledge to make the repairs you need. 

While repair shops offer general repairs that can handle most service or repair work for you, sometimes using a specialty shop offers some additional peace of mind. Most shops that specialize in specific kinds of car repair will advertise what they work on, making it easier for clients to find them. 

Manufacturers are also opening more dealerships worldwide, so in many cases, there will be a german car repair shop based at the dealership. There can be benefits to taking your car to the dealer that can make it a good choice, but it is up to you to decide what shop you want to use when it is time for service or repair. 

Parts Availability

One thing to consider when choosing a repair shop is the parts availability for your car. German auto repair services may carry parts for your vehicle or other models like them. While auto parts are becoming more available worldwide, there are still some things you may need that the shop needs to order from the manufacturer. 

If there is a US-based warehouse, they may be able to get the parts quickly, but they need to know where to go or who to call to find the replacement parts. A dealership that has a parts counter, a repair center, and offers warranty work is often the best option for genuine parts. However, many times aftermarket replacement parts can be substituted if you are having trouble locating the parts. 

German car repair shops often have connections with parts suppliers that can help. Since they work on German import cars, they need access to replacement parts for nearly every job they do. If the shop can't get the part through their suppliers, they may be able to purchase it from the dealership and install it for you.