What Can Cause Your Car's Wheels To Fall Out Of Alignment?

4 January 2023
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Aside from keeping your car's wheels pointed in the right direction for optimal vehicle performance and safety, proper wheel alignment prevents unnecessary wear on the tires, brakes, steering, and suspension. However, the wheels can be thrown out of alignment during vehicle operation. When this happens, you'll need to get a wheel alignment service.

Read along to discover the usual culprits behind wheel alignment issues.

Driving Fast Over A Speed Bump

Like many drivers, you're probably guilty of going over a speed bump too quickly. But are you aware that it is bad for your car — and wheels to be specific?

When you fly over a speed bump, your vehicle's shocks and struts may not absorb and dampen the road shock impulses (the force of the car against the road) fast and effectively. Consequently, your wheels may be bent out of shape.

The safest and most comfortable way to drive over a speed bump is to slow down as you approach it. Avoid braking before going over the bump to minimize damage to your wheels and car.

Bumping Into A Curb

Striking a curb is another reason why your car's wheels can become misaligned. More specifically, it causes the tie rod arm, which connects your steering gear to the steering knuckle, to become bent. When this happens, your vehicle's wheels will need re-alignment.

Gauging your distances and exercising extra caution while parking and making turns can help you avoid wheel alignment issues due to hitting curbs.

Hitting A Pothole

It's difficult to avoid every pothole you encounter while driving, but not watching out for them is a surefire way to throw your wheels out of alignment. The sudden impact from striking a pothole when traveling at a high speed can cause rim damage, resulting in misalignment.

Component Wear

Your car's wheel assembly comprises many parts that work together to keep your vehicle moving. These parts include the hubs, rims, spokes, bearings, valves, and fasteners. When one or more wheel assembly parts become worn out, they can jar the car's wheel alignment by putting unnecessary strain on the entire system.

Before correcting your wheel alignment, you'll need to remove and repair or replace the faulty parts. 

Although normal driving helps maintain proper wheel alignment, it involves encounters with the unexpected. These include speed bumps, potholes, and auto collisions. Luckily, you can always get your wheels re-aligned at an auto service shop near you. Visit a local auto service shop such as Hillside Imports today for a professional wheel alignment service.