How To Find Out Why Your Car Brakes Are Leaking

25 November 2022
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Modern brakes rely on a brake fluid system to be able to stop a car. If your vehicle is low on brake fluid, you will need to have the problem corrected as soon as you can. However, because your brake system is a closed system, you will also need to figure out why your brakes are leaking in the first place.

How to Know When Your Brakes are Leaking

When your brake fluid is low, a dashboard indicator light should come on. The light will go away if your brake fluid is replaced. However, if you do not correct the underlying problem, your brakes might stop working. Even if they don't stop working, your brakes might become damaged due to metal-on-metal contact. 

Common Reasons for Leaking Brakes

When brakes are leaking fluid, this is because there is either a leak in the system or the brake pads have worn out. Both of these are serious issues that must be fixed by a brake repair technician.

The Color of the Brake Fluid Can Give You Clues

You might be able to determine the type of brake service you need by simply examining the color of the brake fluid. While the fluid should have a light color, it can turn dark if your brakes have corrosion problems. You can have the brake fluid tested for copper. Detecting copper can be a sign that the copper brazing is corroding. Fortunately, there are test strips that can be used to quickly detect copper. 

The brake fluid travels through a hose. The hose could become damaged and this might be the source of the leak. You might cause your hose to become damaged if you hang the brake caliper from the hose. This can lead to a soft pedal.

Your Brakes Might Be Suffering from Wear and Tear

Brake components need to be lubricated properly to avoid wear and tear. For example, the caliper slide pins have to be lubricated. Very high temperatures will cause the lubricant to wear out over time and you must apply more grease. The old grease needs to be removed first before lubricating the calipers again.

Have Your Brakes Checked Out By a Technician

The best way to make sure that your brakes are serviced correctly is to take your car to an auto repair shop. It's essential to make sure that your brakes are serviced correctly because you will otherwise not be able to stop your car and this is one of the most dangerous events that can occur when operating a vehicle.

Contact an auto shop today if you are in need of brake services.