2 Signs There Is A Problem With Your Car's Exhaust System That Need To Be Repaired

5 October 2022
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While driving your car, you may have noticed that you have to stop and fill it up with gas more often than you have in the past. You may also have noticed that the engine is noisier than usual and is making an intermittent rattling sound.

If so, there is a good chance that there is an issue with the car's exhaust system. Below are a couple of signs that this is the case, making it necessary to take your vehicle in to have it inspected and repaired.

1. You Detect Odd Odors Coming from the Engine or Within the Passenger Cabin

When there is a problem with your car's exhaust system, one sign that you may notice is an odd odor. If the manifold gasket is worn out and leaking, you may detect a burning smell coming from the engine.

You may also notice a strong gas smell that permeates the interior of the passenger cabin. If there is a leak in one of the exhaust lines or muffler, the exhaust will come out of the opening and rise. The closer the leak is to the engine and manifold, the stronger the gas smell will be.

2. You Notice a Marked Loss of Power Whenever You Try to Accelerate

Along with the presence of an odor, you may also notice a marked loss of power when you accelerate, especially while driving up an incline. Normally a closed system, the exhaust is pulled away from the motor so that it exits efficiently.

However, if any part of the system has sustained damage, the system is no longer closed, and the exhaust is not pulled away from the engine. This will cause some smothering of the motor, which will affect its ability to generate power. This lack of power will then adversely affect the speed at which the car accelerates when you step on the gas pedal.

If you notice a burning or gas odor coming from your car while you are driving and have noted a loss of power, there is most likely an issue with the vehicle's exhaust system. There may be a hole in the pipes or muffler, or the manifold gasket may be worn and leaking. As soon as you suspect that there is a problem, take your car to an exhaust system repair service to have a technician find the issue so that it can be fixed.