Are Your Car's Shocks In Need Of Repair? 3 Signs That Could Point To Yes

23 June 2022
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Ensuring that the shocks on your vehicle remain in good condition is an important part of your regular maintenance. This is because if the shocks in on your car go bad, this can impact everything from your comfort while driving to your vehicle's handling and even the wear on your tires. Thankfully, there are some warning signs that can alert you to the need for auto shocks repair. You can learn more about three of these warning signs below.

Warning Sign #1: The Front End Of Your Vehicle Dives When Stopping

The momentum of your vehicle can come to an abrupt stop if you are forced to slam on your brakes. In most cases, the shocks on your car will be able to absorb this quick reduction in momentum in order to keep your vehicle level. If your shocks are no longer in tip-top condition, you will notice that the front end of your vehicle dives sharply when you are forced to stop quickly. The sharper the dive is, the more damaged your shocks are likely to be. Consequently, it is always a good idea to take your vehicle in to have your shocks inspected and repaired as soon as possible when taking note of this warning sign. 

Warning Sign #2: Your Vehicle Bounces Excessively

Your shocks work to absorb the vertical movement of your vehicle when it goes over uneven surfaces. If your vehicle did not have any shocks, your vehicle would bounce out of control when encountering speed bumps, dips in the road, or railroad tracks. Consequently, as the shocks on your vehicle begin to wear out, you will notice that your vehicle begins to bounce more excessively when encountering these types of road conditions. You may also notice that your vehicle bottoms out when going over low points in the road. Continuing to drive your vehicle in this condition can impact your ability to control your vehicle and can put your safety and the safety of other drivers at risk. 

Warning Sign #3: You Hear Strange Sounds When Hitting A Bump

While hitting a bump in the road or driving through a pothole is never a pleasant experience, a vehicle that has good shocks should be able to handle these situations with no real impact on the way your vehicle sounds or handles. If you notice strange sounds coming from your wheels or undercarriage when hitting a bump in the road, this can be a good indication that your shocks are in need of repair or replacement.