Four Ways To Save Money On Preventative Car Maintenance

17 March 2022
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Preventative vehicle maintenance is something that all vehicle owners have to do to keep their vehicles in good working condition. While you want to take good care of your car, you don't want to spend too much money on car upkeep. Auto maintenance costs can add up quickly over the lifespan of your vehicle, so it helps to save money whenever you can.

There are many things you can do to lessen the financial burden of maintaining your car. Here are a few tips you can try:

1. Learn How To Perform Basic Car Maintenance Tasks Yourself

While some car maintenance jobs are technical in nature and require the experience and expertise of a fully trained mechanic to do correctly, others are relatively easy tasks you can handle if you have the correct tools. Some common examples of preventative maintenance tasks you can perform yourself include: 

  • Changing your engine oil and filter
  • Replacing blown fuses 
  • Testing your lights
  • Cleaning your battery
  • Replacing worn-out windshield wipers

Ticking off some of the items on your car maintenance checklist can help you convince your auto service shop to knock the price down a little bit when you take your vehicle for scheduled maintenance.

2. Know What Tasks Need To Be Done During Each Visit

Your car owner's manual contains information on the specific maintenance tasks that should be performed every time you drive down to a car service shop. Before bringing in your car for routine maintenance, find out what tasks will be performed on your vehicle. Some shops offer packages that include billable extras that you don't need.

You can keep your car maintenance bills down by insisting on paying only for what your car maker recommends to be done at a specific time or mileage intervals.

3. Take Advantage Of Car Service Deals

Sometimes, auto service shops offer service packages at discounted prices. If these packages cover the items included in your car owner's manual — and not unnecessary service items —you can save big on car maintenance and repair expenses. 

4. Compare Quotes From Multiple Shops

There are so many auto service shops out there and you're free to get your car serviced at any shop you like. Of course, factors like your location will help to narrow down your options, but you can still find a decent number of car service shops operating in your area.

A good way to save money on your vehicle maintenance requirements is to get free, no-obligation quotes from several shops so you can choose the most affordable shop. Once you've picked your preferred shop, you can call them back to discuss when you can bring in your car.

Saving money on your preventative car maintenance can significantly reduce the cost of keeping the vehicle on the road. That said, you should never try to save money by opting for cheap service packages or doing maintenance tasks you're not equipped to handle yourself. 

For more information about preventative maintenance, contact a mechanic near you.