Signs That There Could Be A Problem With The Driveline In Your Vehicle

26 January 2022
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There are many different reasons you may need to take your car in for repairs, and driveling repair is one of the more important ones. When something goes wrong in the driveline of your car or truck, you may find you can not drive the vehicle at all, and the vehicle may need towing into a driveline service shop to resolve the problem.

Axles And Drive Shafts

The driveline under your car starts the rear of the transmission and includes all the parts that transfer power to the drive wheels from the engine. On rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks, that consists of the driveshaft that takes power from the transmission output shaft and transfers it to the rear differential. There are several universal joints in the drive shaft that allow it to spin and move with the suspension at the same time.

From the differential, the power travels out to the wheels and allows the car to move forward. Several bearings support the axles, and the differential also has some bearings that can wear over time. Common problems in the driveline are often related to universal joints, bearings, and constant velocity joints font of front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles. 

Common signs that something is wrong in the driveline can include banging when you put the vehicle in gear that sounds like it is coming from the rear and grinding or scuffing noises coming from the wheels that could indicate a bearing failing. The rear differential can also have issues with wear, but often it is heard as a whining sound coming from the rear of the vehicle.

Often the tech will drive the vehicle to try and determine where the noise is coming from and then do a physical inspection of the driveline to verify their suspicions before starting work on the car. 

Driveline Repair

If you suspect there is a problem in the driveline of your car or truck, having it checked is essential. A shop that offers driveline repair services can have a technician go over the driveline for you and look for problems in the system. 

Replacing U-joints or changing a wheel or axle bearings is pretty straightforward, and most shops can do it while you wait. If the problem is in the differential, it is often more complicated and can take some time to fix. Usually, bearings or shims that need replacing require the tech to disassemble the differential completely to change the parts.

Once the parts are replaced in the assembly, it can be reinstalled in the differential housing. The entire process can take a couple of days, but if there is an issue with the bearings or gears in the case, it is vital to fix the problem. 

For more information on driveline repair, contact a mechanic.