Signs That Your Transmission Needs Service Or Repair

7 June 2021
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The automatic transmission in your vehicle does not require a lot of maintenance, but there are some times when it may need to be checked out by an auto transmission repair shop. Most cars and trucks with automatic transmission will not require service until the vehicle reaches fifty thousand miles, but some situations can change that, and some warning signs should prompt you to take the car in and have the transmission checked.

Hard Shifting

The automatic transmission in your car or truck should shift smoothly from one gear to the next as you drive. When you are slowing down to stop, the same smooth downshifts should occur, and you should almost not notice them. Anytime a transmission shifts hard or jumps going into the next gear, you need to have it checked by an auto transmission repair because something is wrong.

Often a hard shift indicates a blockage in the transmission valve body, low transmission fluid, or a sensor that is not working correctly and causing erratic shifts. Over time, those hard shifts can cause stress on the internal parts of the transmission and cause something to break. If that happens, the solution may be to replace the entire transmission. 

Slipping or Hesitation

Hesitation in the transmission is often an indication of low transmission oil or fluid levels and pressure. Your automatic transmission depends on the pressure in the system to function correctly. If the fluid level is low, the pump will have difficulty maintaining the system pressure inside the transmission. 

The result will be slipping or hesitation when you press the accelerator, and when the pressure comes up enough to engage the gears, the vehicle can jump forward as the transmission slams into gear. The auto transmission repair shop can check the level of the oil in the system and its condition. 

A slipping transmission often needs the oil or fluid changed, the system flushed and a new filter installed. Most auto transmission repair shops will also clean the valve body and check the sensors to ensure the system is working correctly, and the transmission will shift in and out of gear when it is supposed to. 

Leaking Transmissions

If you notice a reddish-colored fluid on the ground where you park your car, you may have a leak coming from the transmission that needs to be addressed. Over time, the seals on the transmission can deteriorate and leak, but the condition is easily repaired. An auto transmission repair shop can take care of it for you.

Neglecting the leak can lead to shifting problems and damage inside the transmission when the fluid level drops too low. Skipping the minor repair could lead to a larger one later, so take the vehicle in as soon as you notice the leak. 

For more information about auto transmission repair, contact an auto mechanic in your area.