3 Auto Services To Always Have Done On Time

26 September 2019
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Owning an automobile and being able to drive yourself anywhere that you need to go can make life a lot more convenient. However, owning a car also comes with responsibilities, such as properly maintaining it. Keeping a vehicle maintained and properly serviced can seem like a hassle, but if you fail to service your automobile, you are more likely to need costly repairs, and your car is not likely to run for as many miles or years as it could if it is properly cared for. Continue reading to learn more about auto services that should always be done on time and never skipped:

Oil Changes

Whether you like to change the oil on your vehicle yourself or opt to go to an auto shop to let a professional handle the task, oil changes are one of the most important auto services that your car will need during its lifespan. If you go too long between oil changes, oil can burn off, meaning that your engine is running with too little oil. When you don't change the oil regularly, the oil can also become very dirty and burnt, which is not good for a car's engine. Buying a new engine or having your engine rebuilt is extremely expensive, so you are much better off sticking to the recommended oil change schedule for your make and model of vehicle. 

Transmission Services

Most people consider the engine and the transmission the most important parts of an automobile. Thus, it is not surprising that replacing a transmission can cost a lot of money and be a huge hassle. If you want to greatly extend the life of your car's transmission, the easiest way to do so is by having the transmission serviced. During a transmission service, old transmission fluid will be drained, the system will be flushed, and brand new transmission fluid will be added. Fresh transmission fluid keeps the components of the transmission lubricated and also helps absorb heat to ensure that the transmission and engine do not overheat.

Fluid Changes

Most people are familiar with oil and transmission fluid, but an automobile actually uses a number of other fluids, such as brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant. None of these fluids last forever, so it is important to take your car in for a tune-up as scheduled so fluid levels can be checked and the fluids can be flushed and refilled as needed. If you notice any type of fluid leaking from your car, it is in your best interest to take your car to an auto service as soon as possible so the source of the leak can be repaired.