3 Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For A State Auto Inspection

10 July 2019
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Many states require auto inspections before a car can be registered or prior to registration renewal. While some states only require an emissions inspection, there are a lot of states that also require a safety inspection to ensure that the vehicle is in good operational condition and safe to be on the road. If you need to renew your car's registration or you're planning on registering a new to you vehicle, it is essential to pass your state's auto inspection. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to ensure to prepare for your auto inspection and increase the likelihood of your vehicle passing. Use the following tips to get your car ready for an auto inspection.

Take Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop if the Check Engine Light Is On

No one wants to be driving and see the check engine light illuminate on the dash display. The good news is that in many cases the check engine light indicates that something minor is wrong with your car and needs to be repaired. However, the check engine light can also illuminate due to a major issue. In the event that your check engine light comes on, it is important to take your vehicle in to an auto repair shop for diagnosis and to be repaired. In the vast majority of states a car can't pass an auto inspection if the check engine light is illuminated, so it is important to plan ahead and have it taken care of in advance so you can get your vehicle inspected before the deadline to register your car.

Make an Appointment to Have Your Brakes Serviced

Since a safety inspection is done to ensure that an automobile is in good enough condition to safely be on the road, it is not surprising that the brakes are carefully checked during an auto inspection to make sure that they are in excellent condition and work properly. If you want to make sure that your vehicle doesn't fail an auto inspection due to bad brakes, it is in your best interest to make an appointment to have your brakes serviced. Doing so will ensure that your brakes are in optimal condition when your vehicle is inspected. 

Replace Worn Out Tires

In addition to checking your brakes, your car's tires will also be looked at during an auto inspection. Take the time to closely inspect your tires a couple of weeks before your auto inspection. If your tires have very little tread left or show any signs of cracks or damage, make arrangements to have new tires put on. 

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