What To Do While Waiting For Roadside Assistance

7 May 2019
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Breaking down on the road can be stress-inducing, but preparation can make the situation easier. The side of the road is a hazardous place, so having a few things in your car can help if you do breakdown. 

Get The Car Off The Road

The first thing you need to do if your car is acting up or not running right is to get off the road as far as you can. If you are on the highway, that may mean you can only pull off to the shoulder, but try and get the car over as far as you can. Be careful to drive into a ditch or onto soft ground, but try to leave space between your car and the travel lane. If you are in town, you might be able to pull into a parking lot and then get assistance.

Put Out Warning Devices

Having a set of roadside warning triangles in the trunk is great preparation. Place the triangles behind the car far enough back so that other drivers see them and know to slow down. Use caution when placing them and make sure they are not in the travel lane where they could get hit and damage a vehicle or become projectiles from the impact. 

Raise The Hood of Your Car

Putting the hood of your car up signals other drivers that the car is disabled in some way. It can be a good way to let a passing police officer or tow driver know you need help and may get them to stop. You may have a good samaritan stop and want to help as well; just be very careful if you do not know who they are. They may be genuine, but you need to be aware and not put yourself in a situation that is more dangerous than being stranded on the side of the road. 

Stay With The Car

If possible, do not leave the car. It is your best source of shelter and protection until help arrives. If the temperatures are extremely hot, you may not want to stay in the car, but if you can open all the windows and keep the air moving through the car, it will at least offer shade. In the winter, your car can keep you warmer than standing out in the wind and cold as well. If you do encounter a person that you feel is a threat, locking yourself in the car can protect you until police arrive at your location. 

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