Truck Tough: Products That Make Your Truck Last Even Longer

18 January 2019
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Trucks have an image to uphold. They are supposed to be hardworking machines, able to withstand anything. The truth is that trucks can only withstand as much as the next vehicle in terms of wind, weather, and terrain effects. If you want various parts of your truck to last even longer, the following products and product categories can help you with that. 

Bed Liners and Liner Sprays

Truck beds are supposed to take a beating. Yet anyone who has ever owned a truck knows that the bed of the truck gets more scrapes, scratches, and dents than any other part of the truck. You can keep the original bed of the truck protected and safe from the wear and tear of typical truck bed use by purchasing and installing either a bed liner or using a liner spray like Rhino Liner.

The physical bed liners that you slide into the bed of the truck are very tough and durable and will protect the bed of your truck anywhere from two to ten years. They are more expensive than the spray-on liners, though. The spray-on liners create a hard, tough coat that nothing can scratch or break, and the coatings will last up to three years, depending on how much abuse your truck takes. The spray will eventually have to be reapplied and/or touched up, but it is a cost-effective product when your truck accessory budget is a little on the lean side.

Reinforced Tires (Flat-Proof Tires)

These tires are reinforced internally by a galvanized steel frame. If something pops a reinforced tire on your truck, then the tire will not go soft and flat and leave you stranded. You can also drive on a damaged tire of this sort, which will allow you to get to the nearest tire and wheel garage to have the tire patched or replaced. 

Underbody Coating

Every time you take your truck through the local car wash, the car wash will ask you if you want the underbody rust-proofing coat. Definitely opt for the coating because it prevents rust on the entire underside of your truck, an absolute must when you cannot really see the underbelly of your vehicle. Preserving what you cannot see is equally as important to the longevity of your truck as preserving everything that you can see. Reapplication of this coating should occur at least once a season or after every major wash of the truck.