Four Reasons To Keep Up With Fleet Truck Maintenance

7 July 2018
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As a business owner with a fleet of trucks, it can be hard to keep up with maintenance. Many people in your position take the approach of just fixing trucks as things go wrong. However, this approach has its flaws -- and a better approach is often to keep up with regular truck maintenance so that you catch problems before they become so serious. Here are four big reasons why regular maintenance is so important for your truck fleet.

1. Your employees will be safer.

Surely, you do not want your employees to suffer injuries. If they do, they may be out of work for a while, and your workers' compensation insurance premiums are sure to start climbing. Truck accidents are more likely to happen when your employees are driving around poorly maintained vehicles. The brakes may fail, or a signal may not work, causing another driver to turn into your truck. Maintaining your vehicles minimizes the risk of an accident, thus protecting your drivers.

2. You'll spend less money.

Paying to maintain all of your trucks may seem like a big expense, but you have to consider the money you'll save on more extensive repairs. For instance, if you replace brakes when you first discover they are failing, you can usually get away with replacing just the brake pads. Wait longer, and you'll have to replace the pads and rotors. The rotors cost a lot more!

3. You won't have as many emergency towing bills.

Another issue when your trucks break down is having to pay for the emergency towing and repair bills. These really add up over time, especially if your trucks break down after-hours or on the weekend. Well-maintained trucks are less likely to fail you.

4. You'll provide better service to your customers.

If your trucks break down often, there's a good chance some of your orders will be delivered to customers late -- or the work you are doing for them will be delayed. Customers value work that is done not only well, but on time. So, maintaining your trucks to minimize the risk of breakdowns will make for more on-time work and happier customers. Happier customers are more likely to recommend you to someone else, expanding your client list.

In almost every case, it is better to perform regular maintenance on your fleet of work trucks rather than waiting for something to go wrong. When your trucks need repairs, contact a company that offers same day truck fleet repairs to ensure your trucks are operational again as soon as possible.