Just Got Your First Car? Keep This Service Checklist In Mind

3 April 2018
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Congratulations on getting your first car. Exciting, isn't it? As you enjoy your ride, please note that your car does not run on gas alone. Whether used or new, your car will need to be checked regularly to ensure it keeps running efficiently. Failure to do so will result in major and costly repairs.

Here are a few things you need to check to keep your car in tip-top shape.


Keep your tires properly inflated at all times. Check your tire pressure once every month and add pressure if necessary. Check your user manual for the recommended tire pressure for your car. Also remember to rotate your tires whenever you go for service.

Oil filter

You will need to have your oil filter checked and changed from time to time. You may need to visit your auto repair shop for this.

Engine Oil

You need to check your engine oil levels often, at least once a month. Switch off the engine, locate the engine oil compartment. You will find a dipstick. Pull it out, wipe off the oil with a cloth, dip it in, and check oil levels. Top up if necessary. You will need to flush out your engine oil when you go for a major service. Consult your manufacturer's manual for guidance.


This fluid keeps your car from overheating. Check it every six months or so and change it every two to three years; just before summer and just before winter. Modern cars have a coolant container that allows you to see the coolant level from outside. Top up if necessary.

If you have an older car that uses a radiator, you have to be extra careful when checking the coolant level. Make sure the car is cool before you open the radiator cap. Check the coolant level, top up if need be, and firmly replace the radiator cap.

Transmission Fluid & Brake Fluid

Check your transmission fluid levels. In this case, you need to turn on the engine first. Your transmission fluid level should never go down. If it does, you need to visit your auto repair shop immediately.

Check the oil for quality. It should be red in color. If it smells burnt or is brownish, you need to have it changed. Good brake fluid should be golden in color. If it's brown, it's time to change it.

A lot of these maintenance tips you can do yourself but that is not all. For a more comprehensive service, you will need to visit your auto services shop on average twice a year.