How To Keep A Windshield Crack From Growing

6 December 2017
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If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, it is important that you have it repaired to keep it from spreading. However, in some cases, you may have to wait to crack filled until you get paid or until your next day off. If you are short on time or money and cannot get your windshield repaired right now, here are a few tips to help you keep the crack from growing. 

Park In a Covered or Shady Spot

One of the tips for minimizing the risk of your windshield crack or chip from growing is to park in a covered or shady spot. When your windshield is exposed to the sun, it automatically heats up. When glass heats up, the molecules expand. This can cause a crack to grow rapidly. Even if it is cold outside, sunshine can cause this to occur. As such, the best way to combat is to park in a shady spot or a covered spot until your windshield can be repaired. 

Do Not Use Your Car's Heater or Defroster

Another tip to reduce the chances of a windshield crack from spreading is to not use your car's heater or defroster. Once again, when the glass heats up, it expands and this causes the crack to grow. And if it is cold outside, the sudden change in temperature between hot and cold can further increase the chances of the crack growing rapidly, so avoiding using the heater or defroster is always advised if you have a crack or chip that is not filled in yet. 

Cover the Crack With Clear Packing Tape or Nail Polish

The last tip to help prevent a windshield crack from expanding until you can get it repaired is to cover the crack with clear packing tape or clear nail polish. Both methods help to hold the glass together and tightly in place, reducing the chances of it bouncing around when you drive. This method also helps to keep dirt out of the crack, which can help the resin adhere properly when you get a chance to bring your car in. 

It is important to understand that none of these options guarantee that the crack on your windshield will not spread. The best way to prevent a crack or chip on your windshield from spreading is to have it professionally injected with resin to fill in the chip or crack and repair the damage that was done. But if you are unable to get this done immediately, parking in a covered or shady spot, avoiding the use of your car's heater or defroster and covering the crack with clear packing tape or clean nail polish can help to decrease the chances of your crack spreading until you can take your car to an auto glass repair shop