Selecting The Right Motor Oil For Your Luxury Car

6 October 2016
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For many people, a vehicle serves as a public symbol of status and achievement. Luxury vehicles (like a Mercedes Benz, Lexus, or BMW) can signify that you have invested a lot of hard work into becoming financially secure. Maintaining your luxury vehicle is a priority when it comes to ensuring its safety and durability. Selecting the right motor oil can play a big role in the quality of your vehicle maintenance program.

Here are two tips that you can use to ensure that you are selecting the right motor oil for your luxury vehicle in the future.

1. Know the difference between conventional and synthetic.

While you might think that all motor oils are created equal, this isn't true. There are two main types of motor oil available on the market today—conventional and synthetic.

Conventional oils contain organic compounds that can help make them less volatile. Synthetic oils undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they flow better at lower temperatures and maintain their lubricity at higher temperatures. The specialized features of a luxury car's engine often work best when lubricated with synthetic oil.

Be sure to consult with your mechanic to determine whether or not synthetic oil is your best option.

2. Learn what the numbers on motor oil labels mean.

When it comes to shopping for motor oil, knowing what the numbers on the label mean can help you make the right choice for your luxury vehicle.

If the first number of a motor oil's label contains a "W" (5W, 10W, etc.), then this number represents its winter rating. Winter-rated oils have been tested in a colder temperature to determine their ability to lubricate engine parts. Using a winter-rated oil in your luxury car's engine during the colder months can help you maximize the protection that motor oil provides.

If you see an SAE number on a motor oil's label (SAE 30, SAE 40, etc.), this number represents the viscosity of the oil when tested at 210° F or 100° C, which is the operating temperature of the average vehicle while it is being driven. During the warmer months it can be beneficial to use an SAE oil to help maintain the engine in your luxury vehicle. You can consult your user's manual or ask your mechanic which viscosity is best suited to meet your vehicle's needs.

When you are able to identify the differences between synthetic and conventional oils and interpret the numbers found on a motor oil's label, you can more easily select the right oil for your luxury vehicle. For more information, contact local professionals like Sterling Service Inc.