Signs You Need New Brakes

29 April 2016
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The brakes are a crucial component to your car. Without them, you won't be able to stop safely, putting yourself and others at serious risk. There are all sorts of reasons for brakes to stop working, and in many cases you can tell long before they actually break. Here are the main signs you need new brakes on your car.

A High Pitched Whine When Braking

Your brakes will usually tell you that the pads need replacing through a high pitched sound. If you have no radio or A/C on, you will usually be able to hear this if there is a problem. When you hear it on a regular basis, get your car into a garage to avoid any further damage to your brakes.

The only time the high pitched whine is nothing serious is when the car has been in the rain or just been washed. The whine may sound for a couple of times when the brakes are pressed and then go away completely.

You Feel Pulsation

When you put your foot on the brake, do you get a vibration? It is a bit like a pulsation and is telling you that the brake pads need replacing. If you brake hard suddenly, you will put the car under pressure and feel this, but you should not feel it all the time. The most common reasons are your brake pads wearing out or the heat causing them to become misshapen.

Grinding Sounds While Braking

If you get a grinding sound, you need to replace your brake pads right now. This is a sign that your brakes have gone through the pads and are now pressing on the metallic discs. You will wear and damage them if you continue to drive like this. You will often need to replace the rotors too if you continue to drive like this.

The Car Pulls

Your brake pads are wearing down unevenly if you feel the car pulling to either side without moving the steering wheel. You should test to see if the car pulls at any other time. If it pulls while accelerating or driving normally, then there is usually another reason for the problem.

When you get any sign that your car's brakes need replacing, you should book your car into a garage. Brake pads are affordable and quick to replace. If they are left to wear completely down, you could do a lot more damage.