4 RV Features Ideal For Traveling Podcasts

10 March 2016
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Podcasting on the road is a great way to explore the world and reach out to listeners. Whether it's a podcast about your band's tour, following a sport's team, or travel in general, you want to ensure that you have the space and features to complete your recordings. When shopping for a new RV, there are four features to look for that make it easier to record podcasts and deliver professional results.

Expanded Seating Options

As you record a podcast, you want to have plenty of space for computers, recording equipment, and any guests that you may have on the show. RVs with slide-out options can expand the space inside so there is plenty of room to record in comfort. Slide out components typically reveal more seating options. A larger fold-out table may also be built into the slide out so everything can fit comfortably inside the RV.

Outlets & Power Options

Newer RVs have a lot of power options so that you can record podcasts without any hassle. Larger battery capacities give you power options when your RV is off the grid and parked somewhere without power hook-ups. Along with traditional outlets, RVs can also feature USB ports. This allows you to easily charge microphones, laptops, wireless speakers, and other devices that you may use for the podcast.

Wi-Fi Antennas & Satellites

Easily send your podcast out to the masses by purchasing an RV with internet connection options. For example, your RV can have a WiFi antenna installed on the roof. This allows you to connect to WiFi hotspots at a greater range. These hotspots are typically free connections that give computers and other devices access to the internet. Another option is to purchase an RV with a built-in satellite connection. This allows you to install and sign up for satellite-based internet. With the connection, you can upload your podcast and any other media associated with it.

RV Storage Options

One of the coolest features found in RVs are little areas for storage. A locked under-seat storage compartment is ideal for protecting your podcast equipment when it's not in use. Instead of just letting the clutter lay around, you can organize your podcast kit and have it ready to go any time you want to start recording. Storage compartments can be separated with small inserts or walls that help prevent cables from getting tangled with each other. This will also help free up table space for other activities like eating or socializing.

Work with an RV dealer to find these features and other options that cater to your life on the road.