Little Accident With Your Office Trailer? How To Get It Repaired Without Moving It Offsite

3 January 2016
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Even though you do your best to locate your office trailers away from all of the heavy equipment on your construction site, you cannot avoid an accident for long. Sometimes it is just a matter of an inept employee who cannot drive a truck properly. At other times, the only way to have an office trailer onsite is to put it on the only available space near the construction, and something is bound to fall on the trailer's roof. Regardless of how your office trailers become damaged, you will probably want them repaired. Here is how to get your office trailer repaired without removing your onsite office.

Check to See If Your Trailer Is Still Under Warranty

Office trailers that are fairly new may still be under warranty. If they are, you can contact the manufacturer to see if the damages are covered. Usually the warranty will only cover defective parts and service to replace those parts, but some companies will extend the damage coverage to wear and tear. If the warranty covers the damages to your office trailer, then the manufacturer will arrange for a crew or representative to come and look at the trailer and repair it. Some manufacturers may also expect you to empty the trailer and return it to the nearest company outlet, but if that option does not suit you, you can try an auto service next.

Auto Services That Make "House Calls"

Not all vehicles and trailers can be hauled into an automotive garage for repairs. Even RVs need special repair shops. That is why some trailer dealers and automotive shops that specialize in trailers and RVs make "house calls." In your case, your trailer is vital to your daily operations, and emptying it and removing it offsite for repairs is not an option you can work with. Check with RV and trailer specialty services in your area to see if any of them make house calls and can repair the damages to your trailer without removing it from its current location.

Assembling a Crew to Do the Repairs Yourself

If the trailer is no longer under warranty, you could look at making the repairs yourself. After all, you work in construction, and replacing the siding, walls and insulation on office trailers is akin to building or remodeling a house. Probably the only repairs with which you would actually need someone else's help are repairs to the flatbed trailer underneath, the wheels, axles and/or hitch, all of which an auto service could do.

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