Options For Fixing A Car Breakdown On A Road Trip

10 August 2015
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If your car breaks down during a road trip, you may not know where to turn for help. Here are three of your best options for getting your car back on the road quickly.

Stay and Wait for Help

The first option is to stay and wait for help if you are in an area where there's lots of car traffic. If all you need is a jump start or help with changing a tire, this option could save you money. If you want a passerby to stop and help you, then you should display signs of car distress to get their attention; turn on your car's hazard lights and pop the hood of your car.

You should only wait for someone else's help after you've checked to make sure you'll be safe waiting. Make sure that you have enough food and water to last for several hours. Pull off a safe distance from the road to avoid a collision. Keep your family in the car with the doors locked during the daytime; choose another option if your car breaks down at night.

Call a Tow Truck

A tow truck is a faster option to get you the help you need. The tow truck can bring you to a local mechanic to get your car fixed, or to help you relocate to a rental car location. While you are waiting, follow the safety tips above to keep your car and your family away from road hazards.

Hire a Mobile Mechanic

A third option that's becoming popular is to hire a mobile mechanic. These mechanics will come to any location within their service area. Before you hire a mobile mechanic, you may need to have some understanding of what's wrong with your car, so that they can bring the necessary parts and tools when they make the service call. Mobile mechanics may charge a rate based on the amount of miles they travel to reach your location. If you are unsure of your location, many mobile mechanics are able to use GPS to navigate to your location.

Having your car break down in the middle of nowhere doesn't have to be the end of a great road trip. Once you are back in action, look for a local attraction in the area that could raise morale and get your trip back on the right track. If you want to keep as much momentum as possible, a mobile mechanic can be your best option for speed and convenience.