The Top 4 Signs That Your Transmission Filter Needs To Be Changed

2 July 2015
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Your transmission is a complicated piece of equipment. In addition to watching for signs that your transmission fluid needs to be changed, you also need to watch for signs that your transmission filter needs to be replaced. 

Sign #1: You Hear Strange Noises From The Front End 

One of the first signs you will notice when your transmission filter needs to be changed is your engine will start to make a strange noise. It will sound like something is rattling around the front end of your vehicle. This sound is created one of two way: either your filter has become loose and the fasteners that hold it in place need to be tightened up, or the filter has become full of debris and needs to be changed. 

Sign #2: It's Hard To Get Your Vehicle Into The Right Gear

It should be easy for your vehicle to switch from gear to gear. If you start to notice that your vehicle stalls or surges when you switch between gears, this is a sure sign that something is wrong with your transmission. It could be as simple as replacing your transmission filter and fluid, or it could be a sign of a larger issue. 

Sign #3: You Spot Transmission Fluid Under The Hood Or Under Your Vehicle

Transmission fluid is generally a pink color and is translucent. It doesn't really have an odor. If you check under your hood, you should never see any fluid. If your transmission is leaking fluid, you may see this translucent pink fluid near where your transmission cap is located. You may also see this fluid under your vehicle when you move it. 

Sign #4: Your Transmission Fluid Is Full Of Debris

There are two different ways you can check your transmission fluid. If your fluid has leaked out, you can touch it and make sure that it is clear.  You can rub the leaking fluid between your fingers. If you see or feel any dirt or debris in the fluid, than your transmission fluid and filter need to be changed.

If you don't see any leaking fluid, you can also check your transmission fluid. Your transmission fluid cap is located under your hood and generally has a warning stamped on the top to not open the cap until your vehicle is cool and has been parked for an extended period of time. If you open the cap when the fluid is still hot, it could escape from your transmission and burn you. 

Pull out the dip-stick and check the fluid. If the fluid smells burnt, is not translucent, or has flakes or debris in it, the fluid needs to be changed and so does your transmission filter. 

Taking Action

If you notice any of the four signs above, you need to make sure two different things happen. You need to change out your transmission fluid and have the system flushed. You also need to change your transmission filter. That will ensure that your fluid does not become contaminated, and your transmission continues to work effectively. You can change the transmission fluid and filter yourself, or you can have your mechanic complete the work for you. Contact a company like Foley Auto & RV Repair for more information.