Why Is Your Wheel Out Of Balance?

2 June 2015
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If you have steering problems or there is excessive wear on one of your tires, it is probably due to an imbalance of that wheel. Here are some ways that wheels can get out of balance so you can try to prevent it in the future.

The Vehicle Parts Are Worn

A very common reason for your car's wheels to be out of balance is when the parts are old and need to be replaced. If you have an older car and haven't had any wheel parts replaced, this might be the culprit. When springs and other related parts get older, they tend to experience wear and tear. This can cause the suspension to sag, which then causes wheels to get out of balance. Take a close look at the wheels and various components. If they look worn, it might be time to head to an auto repair shop for replacements.

There Were Hazards on the Road

It is important to watch where you are going not just to avoid a flat tire, but because certain hazards can damage your vehicle's wheels. If you have accidentally hit curbs more than once or driven too fast over speed bumps, it could bend the wheel. The same can be said for driving over potholes in the road. If you make a habit of driving a little too close to parking space bumpers and hitting them with your front wheels, you might notice that those wheels are more out of alignment than the back wheels. This is a good indication of the cause of your wheels being out of balance.

You Didn't Modify the Suspension

If you have had your vehicle raised or lowered, such as lifting your pick-up truck, you also need to raise the tire suspension. If you fail to do this, the wheels will become unbalanced because the suspension is off. If you are going to raise or lower your vehicle, make sure that mechanic is also aware of proper wheel suspension heights. Bring your vehicle in to an auto shop, such as Euroclassics Limited, to have the wheels checked if it is driving funny after being lifted or lowered.

Off-Road Driving

If you frequently drive off the road and on dirt paths with a lot of rocks, dips, and curves, you might be putting your tires and wheels through a lot of trauma. The hazards on the new surface combined with the extreme wear on your tires can also cause your wheels to become misaligned. If you are going to go off-roading, make sure your wheels and tires are built for it.

If you have a scalloped pattern on your tires, vibrations in the seats when going at high speeds, or vibrations in the steering wheel while driving, your wheels are likely out of balance and need to be realigned.