3 Signs That Your Car Needs New Brakes

11 May 2015
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Unlike your car's engine, battery, and electrical system, there are no indicators on your car's dashboard that indicate it is time to have your brakes inspected or repaired. Because of this, there are other signs that you have to look out for that can help you understand when and why you are in need of brake services. So, before you go years without having your brakes inspected, be sure to check for signs that can help you know when you should have this done. These signs include:

Shaking When Pressing The Brakes:

If your car shakes when you hit the brakes then this can definitely be a sign of warped rotors. Rotors are normally warped if you fail to have your brake pads replaced regularly since poor quality brake pads can press into your rotors and create grooves. Because of the grooves, the brake pads on your car won't be able to latch onto them correctly, which will cause your car to shake when you press on your brake pedal. If your car shakes, you will definitely want to have a mechanic either replace your rotors or resurface them to ensure your braking system works correctly. 

Grinding Noises When Braking:

A common sign that indicates your brakes are failing are noises coming from them when braking. If your brakes make any sort of grinding noise then you are likely dealing with low padded brake pads. Brake pads with low padding can create other damages to your braking system, which is why it is critical to have your brake pads replaced immediately if grinding noises occur. 

Poor Response When Pressing The Brake Pedal:

Do you press on your brake pads and your car doesn't stop as fast as you need it to? If so, this can be because of issues with your brake fluid line. If air is trapped in your brake fluid line then it can be difficult for you to stop your vehicle, as you may have to apply more force when pressing your brake pedal. With professional repairs, you will be able to have your old fluid flushed out and have new fluid installed, without any air bubbles entering your line. This will make your pedal firmer, which will make it easier for you to stop your vehicle. 

By looking out for these signs, you will be able to obtain the proper brake repairs, replacements, and services that you need in time, so you can avoid causing major damage to your vehicle. So, rather than avoid dealing with brake repairs, definitely take matters into your own hands and receive services from a company like Care Muffler & Brake Shop whenever these signs show up.