Know Your Auto Repair Options When Your Car Is Damaged in an Auto Accident

16 April 2019
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When you are in a car accident and your car is damaged, it's time to figure out what your options are. Who pays for the damages your vehicle sustained depends on a number of factors. The state in which the accident occurred, who caused the accident, the amount of property damage insurance the driver at fault has, and what type of insurance you have are all considered. No matter what state the accident is in, the insurer is only going to pay as much as the policy covers. Read More 

Pot Hole Damage – Fixing The Tires The Road Popped

24 February 2019
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Tis the season for potholes! All of the freeze and thaw cycles that the roads have been through have caused excessive potholes covering many of the roads across many states. Unfortunately, there are many times that avoiding those potholes is impossible and the damage sustained is unavoidable. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you get the right repairs made to avoid making things any worse for your vehicle. Read More 

Truck Tough: Products That Make Your Truck Last Even Longer

18 January 2019
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Trucks have an image to uphold. They are supposed to be hardworking machines, able to withstand anything. The truth is that trucks can only withstand as much as the next vehicle in terms of wind, weather, and terrain effects. If you want various parts of your truck to last even longer, the following products and product categories can help you with that.  Bed Liners and Liner Sprays Truck beds are supposed to take a beating. Read More 

Why You Should Always Use A Certified Mechanic When Having Your Car Worked On

1 November 2018
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If you're looking to have your car worked on, then you could be looking for a mechanic to take your car to. If there are backyard mechanics in your area, then you might have considered taking your car to one of these individuals to get it worked on. However, choosing a certified mechanic to work on your car may be a better idea for these reasons. It Might Not Cost as Much More as You Think Read More 

3 Things People Do To Cause Their Clutch To Fail

10 October 2018
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Even though the standard clutch is designed to last many years, it is a component of your vehicle that relies on the driver to use it appropriately to get the most years of use out of it. Because driving with a manual transmission relies so much on your input, you really do have to be careful with how you treat it during operation. Otherwise, you could end up needing to have your clutch replaced on a regular basis. Read More